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LIVE Real-Time Underwater Video To The Surface!
SeaViewer offers custom built professional quality drop cameras and fast-trolling type HD & ANALOG underwater video cameras, along with LED lights, GPS video overlays and video recorders that are used in many different underwater applications by Sportsmen, Researchers, Pro Underwater Videographers, and many others.

We manufacture a line of self-housed High-Definition HD and Analog underwater video cameras that stream their video signal up to the surface through cable from as deep as 1000 feet underwater. This allows REMOTE VIEWING IN REAL-TIME.

We are considered best-of-breed by:

Sport Fishermen
Commercial Users
Industrial Users
Local, Regional & International Videographers and Film Producers
Government / Research Organizations
Search and Recovery Teams
Power Generation Facilities
Television Studios

After the many possibilities are considered . . .
it always comes down to -- Quality Video.
Trust SeaViewer Underwater Cameras to capture fast and clear images like the Professionals do.