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Custom ANALOG Builds

Underwater Lights: (Super bright-white or infra red)

Cable up to 1000 feet (in 50' increments)

Small Diameter Option (cable out rear)

Neutral Buoyancy

Optional Lenses (affects field of view)

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How to purchase a SeaViewer Underwater Video Camera

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How do I purchase the SeaViewer ?
All SeaViewer Cameras and accessory equipment can quickly and securely be ordered right here online.

IN FACT, we highly recommend that you first review our cameras and accessories on this website, even if you plan to contact us or a Dealer later. This will save you and us time and effort. A good place to start for a recommendation is by clicking on your intended type of use on this page :

When you find the Camera you would like, simply click the yellow "Purchase Online" button in the middle of the page. This will take you to our "Secure Store" page where you can select this equipment and place it in your "Shopping Cart". You can return to the "Secure Store" to select other items, such as a separate Display or Surface Console. When your "Shopping Cart" is complete, simply click the "CHECK OUT NOW" button at the bottom of your "Shopping Cart" page to begin our secure CHECKOUT process. Nothing is final until you CONFIRM YOUR ORDER and CHECKOUT completely.

Ordering online in this manner will help avoid errors and speed the processing of your order. Your order will be shipped directly from our manufacturing facilities located in Tampa, Florida USA. You will immediately receive an Order Confirmation Email, and later another email when we ship.

SeaViewer Cameras' Dealers and Affiliates exist in selected places, and we welcome you to take advantage of any local experience and convenience should you happen to know one located near you. However, the staff at our corporate facilities in Tampa, Florida USA is always happy to answer any further questions you might have, make further recommendations, or even arrange orders and shipping. Our Contact information can be obtained by clicking the "Contact" tab on the horizontal menu near the top of every page of this website.

How do I get a printed QUOTE from SeaViewer ?
You can obtain a printable, itemized quote (including estimated shipping) quickly by following the procedure above and then simply "Printing" your completed Shopping Cart, without going to CHECKOUT.

Or, if you already know all the items you want, then select your CAMERA in the left-hand (blue) Column of our SECURE STORE here, along with any options you wish:

Then add any Display or other accessories, including Surface Consoles (cases), which can be seen here :

Feel free to print your Shopping Cart for your Quoting or Budgetary needs.

International Shipping
SeaViewer can ship to nearly every Country on Earth. Whenever you ADD the FIRST item to your SHOPPING CART by clicking the "Add to Cart" button, you will be presented with a screen requiring 3 answers. Do the following:

1) select "YOUR COUNTRY" from the first box
2) type "YOUR POSTAL CODE" into the second box
3) for shipping outside the USA, select the last line in the 3rd box - "UPS Worldwide Express Saver"

Click "Submit your Choices". After reviewing your CART, if you want to add more equipment, click "Continue Shopping", until you have all the equipment you want in your CART.

NOTE: If you have special needs which are not listed in our SECURE STORE, you will have a chance to tell us by typing in the "Special Instructions" box during our CHECKOUT PROCEDURE.

Once you have all the equipment you want in your CART, you may print the page on your screen as a "Quotation", or place your ORDER by clicking "CHECK OUT NOW".


Follow the above instructions for online. After placing the products in your Cart, go to "CHECK OUT NOW". On the first screen, choose either:

A) To pay by Credit card:
CLICK - Order by Credit Card Online (ship to your card billing address) REQUIRED
NOTE: Copy of Credit Card and Identification may also be required

B) To pay with Bank Wire Transfer or Check:
CLICK - Order by Check/Money Order through Postal Mail
NOTE: Bank Wire Transfer instructions will be sent if you request in "Special Instructions" on next page

Continue through the checkout procedure. You will receive a confirmation Email when your order is successfully completed, and a separate Email when your order is shipped.


What is the SeaViewer Underwater Video System ?
The SeaViewer is an advance-design and quality constructed underwater remote video camera system. The camera probe underwater sends live video up to the surface through the attached cable. The user remains at the surface watching the live video. In this manner, the SeaViewer Camera allows anyone to view and even record underwater action without going in the water! Imagine being able to actually see what is under the water - the fish taking your bait, the wreck you are looking for, or even the condition of your hull - all without getting wet.

You can view the live video on your own Display using any compatible TV, Camcorder, LCD Display or PC/Laptop (see Displaying the Picture section below). Or you can ADD one of our SeaViewer Displays to build a COMPLETE SYSTEM. Additionally you can even RECORD it, with your Recorder or ours, to show everyone proof of the one that got away.

Does everything needed come with the SeaViewer ?
Every SeaViewer Camera comes Standard with our specially sealed camera probe, 50 feet of special-made marine cable (longer/shorter cable available), a 12-Volt DC cigarette-lighter power adapter, a 110-240 Volt AC power adapter (house current), a cable hand spool, and an adapter to hook the camera to a 3/4"-1" pole. It also includes a Hard Plastic Carrying/Storage Case. Sea-Drop™ models also include our exclusive Sea-Tail™ for looking forward. All you need to add is power and a display screen, either yours or ours (see our surface accessories).

Can the SeaViewer work out of the water ?
Yes, definitely. Because of our lens design, topside images will appear just as well as they do underwater. No special lens adapter or adjustment is required. In fact, when the camera is held horizontally halfway into the water, you can actually see above and below water at the same time, on the same screen. In order to maximize the area you can see underwater, our cameras have a wide-angle lens. In or out of the water, images will appear as they would with a typical wide-angle lens.

How much can I see on the screen ?
The area you can see on the screen from left to right is called the horizontal Field of View (FOV). For our standard lens, the horizontal Field of View is slightly wider than the distance you are from the subject. This is a Field of View of approximately 1 to 1. It means that if you are 10 feet away from something that is about 10 feet wide, it will just about fill the screen from left-to-right. If you are 20 feet away, it will appear across roughly half of the screen.

By your request at the time of order, we can substitute a different lens with a different Field of View in your Camera. This would be a Special Build, and would incur an added charge and a few weeks lead-time. Likewise, the focal distances discussed in the next question can be custom set. For more technical information on these two topics, please read our document CAMERA FIELD OF VIEW AND FOCUS.

How do I focus the camera ?
The lens on all models is auto-focus. No user intervention or adjustment is ever required. From approximately 6-inches to infinity, the camera will automatically be in focus. If you desire, SeaViewer can vary the focal distance by Special Order - see the question and link above for more details.

How far away from the camera can you see?
Above water, the camera can see as far as the human eye. Underwater, the water clarity directly affects the distance viewable. The clearer the water, the further you can see. However the SeaViewer has worked in water clarity less than 3 ft. to find large structures. Because of the wide range of water clarities at different locations, and even at different times of the year, it is ultimately up to you to predict how well you will be able to see. On an encouraging note, the viewing distances underwater can sometimes be roughly 2 to 3 times the clarity observed at the surface. Most of the time, users are generally amazed at how far, and how much, they can actually see. The cameras will see even better than a scuba diver with a mask would see at the same location. We have recorded video showing objects visible on the bottom 30 feet away, while the team of 5 divers accompanying the camera ALL reported that visibility was only about 10 feet. This is documented on actual dives in the Gulf of Mexico.

How light-sensitive is it ?
The SeaViewer is an ultra-sensitive, low-light camera designed specifically for viewing underwater. They are more sensitive to light than the human eye. In very low light, sometimes the camera will be able to show at least the outine of a subject where the human eye will see only darkness.

Our color cameras are actually "day/night" capable. This means that whenever there is enough light to show colors, they will display the picture in living color. But when the light level gets exceptionally low, they will automatically switch to a B&W image so that you can continue monitoring your subject in B&W, which requires less light. See our Color Camera Specifications section for more technical details.

What about artificial lighting ?
With the improvements we've made over the years in light-sensitivity, most users generally don't require artificial lighting unless they intend to be filming at night. For this reason, in order to give you the most bang-for-the-buck, our Standard Camera Kits do not contain auxilliary lighting.

If visibility is poor due to lack of ambient (natural) light at night, or when colors are lost in deep water due to the absorption of light by the water column, we have several artificial light solutions available. Our exclusive Model 21 Internal or Model 42 Separate underwater lights enhance subjects similar to a diver's hand-held light. Our standard version of both is comprised of super bright-white, visible light LED's.

NOTE ABOUT LIGHTING IN "DIRTY WATER": In contrast to the above, when visibility is poor primarily due to water conditions (such as very high amounts of dissolved or suspended particulate matter), all sources of light have trouble penetrating the debris. In the most extreme of these cases, auxiliary lighting may not improve the situation, and may even hinder viewing due to reflectivity (like using your high-beams in a snow storm). In such extreme situations, all optical devices have limited ability to penetrate the water appreciable distances. For this very reason we have developed our amazing Sea-Clear™ Video Clarifier. This breakthrough device has the ability to actually cut through such debris live on the screen, and deliver such an improved picture that it will simply take your breath away. See for yourself HERE on our Sea-Clear™ videos .

Is the SeaViewer legal ?
Yes, in all 50 states and Canada a person can use a SeaViewer and fish at the same time. SeaViewer Cameras are in use in over 30 countries around the world with no reported problems concerning legalities. However, because of the camera's extreme capabilities, certain countries exist to which we cannot send SeaViewer Cameras due to export restrictions.


Does the SeaViewer come complete ?
All Standard SeaViewer Camera models include one of our underwater Camera Probes, 50 feet of marine cable, 12-Volt DC cigarette-lighter power adapter, 110-240 Volt AC Transformer, hand cable spool, hard plastic carrying case, plastic cable clips (for your tether line, if used) and even a pole attachment. Sea-Drop™ models also include our exclusive Sea-Tail™.

For viewing the video simply connect to either :
A) the Video-IN Jack of your TV, Camcorder, LCD Display or PC/Laptop, etc.
B) or one of our Monitors HERE

By choosing one of the above options, the only thing you need to add is power - either 12-Volt DC or 110-240 Volt AC (we provide the transformer to 12-Volt DC).

To eliminate locating a power source, make your SeaViewer System totally SELF-CONTAINED by including one of our exclusive Surface Consoles with an internal Battery. These provide protection and portability for all of your "dry" surface equipment and accessories (including power) in a top-of-the-line case. You'll have the benefit of keeping your "dry" surface equipment separate from your "wet" underwater equipment, each in their respective cases.

Only SeaViewer Cameras allows you to pick and choose each component of your underwater video system in this manner, letting you truly "Build it YOUR Way".

Can I display the picture on another Monitor or TV ?
Yes. Any TV or Monitor that has a "Video-In" jack (RCA-type for analog composite video) can immediately be hooked up. This is also true for any VCR, Camcorder, DVR or PC/Laptop with an RCA "Video-In" jack.

NOTE: For users unfamiliar with a composite video feed - the SeaViewer DOES NOT use the tuner on your VCR or TV to receive the signal. Therefore, you do not need to "tune" to any particular channel. Instead, you set the TV's or VCR's "Source" to "Video", or "Auxiliary" or "VCR", whichever is appropriate for your model. This will enable you to receive the signal from the "Video-In" jack.
If you have an older TV with only an antenna or cable input, you can purchase an RF converter at most TV/Radio stores.

Can I display/capture the video on my Computer or Laptop ?
Yes, provided your machine has the hardware and software for accepting an analog "composite" video signal. The SeaViewer video signal is an analog "composite video" line signal on the NTSC (North American TV Broadcast) standard.   We also have PAL-B units available for Europe, Australia and other countries, which must be selected upon order. This "composite" video signal is the type that is normally carried thru a single RCA connector, such as on the back of modern Televisions, Monitors, VCR's and Camcorders - normally marked "Video IN".   This is not the same as an "RF" signal which is carried by COAX Cable or old-style "antenna" wire.   It is also much different than the signal carried via 15-pin video monitor cable connectors on the back of PC's, laptops, and MAC's.   Normally, some laptops will have a 15-pin "External Monitor" jack to hook up the laptop to a larger monitor for display.   But this is a "Video OUT" connector, not a "Video IN" connector.   Assuming your PC or Laptop DOES NOT have a composite (analog) Video-IN jack, but has a USB port, the easiest and most economical solution is to purchase a USB Video Cable (sometimes called a USB Video Grabber Cable). These are commonly available at computer stores ranging from $40 to $80.

NOTE: The screen size of the video picture on your Computer or Laptop will be a function of the video software installed on the machine, and/or the software supplied with your USB Video Cable (if any). You should consult these sources for such information concerning display of analog "composite" video.


How easy is it to record the picture ?
All you need is an analog, composite "Video-In" (RCA) jack on your camcorder or VCR. If your VCR or camcorder was purchased for use in North America, it is on the NTSC standard, which is compatible with the Seaviewer. However, if your VCR was made for the PAL-B Standard (Europe) you should special order your SeaViewer for the PAL Video Standard.


What are the power requirements for SeaViewer equipment ?
ALL SeaViewer equipment operates on 12VDC (12 Volts Direct Current).   Plugging any higher voltage, or any AC (alternating) current into the equipment, or reversing Polarity will destroy the equipment and possibly cause personal injury.  

Do I need any special equipment on my boat to use the SeaViewer ?
All SeaViewer cameras and accompanying accessories use 12-Volt DC power. They can be powered by three different options: the 12-volt DC cigarette-lighter plug cord (included), the 110-240 Volt AC adapter (included), or the internal battery in the Surface Console (if purchased). You may also devise your own 12-Volt DC power solution using your own battery-pack, or connecting to your boat's 12-Volt DC system.

To use your own TV or VCR with any of the SeaViewers you will need whatever power your device requires. The SeaViewer camera connects directly into the "Video-In" on your TV or VCR, but does not provide power to your TV or VCR.


Should I consider the Sea-Drop™ (850 & 950 Series) or one of the Offshore models ?
If you don't plan to use the camera for trolling faster than 3 knots, the Sea-Drop™ (850 or 950 Series) can save you money. In fact, if you plan to hand-carry the camera on a dive, or attach it to a helmet or some other structure, the Sea-Drop is the camera of choice, due to it's smaller size and weight. It's also ideal for use as a "drop" camera (letting it sink towards the bottom), or mounted with the pole attachment to a 3/4" pole (such as a boathook, gaff, or broomstick). In this manner it can be manipulated from the surface to check your prop, hull, or other underwater structures. The Sea-Drops™ contain the same state-of-the-art optics as the Offshore 1550 and 2550 Series Cameras.  Both Sea-Drops™ exhibit stability when trolling while looking forward at speeds up to 5 knots . . . with the easily attachable Sea-Tail™ provided. You can add up to 5 lbs. extra weight if desired to achieve desired depth at these speeds. These units are the best choice if you must have the Camera probe looking into the direction of travel (or upstream).

In order to offer the Sea-Drop™ at the lowest possible price, the Standard Camera Kit does not come with a monitor. See the questions above to determine whether your TV, Camcorder, or PC/Laptop will work with the system. If not, we offer Monitors HERE.

The SeaViewer Offshore Cameras (1550 & 2550 Series) are designed especially to optimize stability while trolling at higher speeds, such as those required for Billfishing. If you check out our specs, you'll see all the unique features that have been engineered into these systems to optimize their trolling capabilities, and make them the best choice for this application. Naturally, these cameras have been designed to look backwards (downstream) at the bait while trolling.

Should I purchase a Black & White or a COLOR camera ?
Human instinct invariably leans toward color images as opposed to Black & White - "Everyone wants to see colors." In the past, B&W cameras in this class typically had a higher resolution than their Color Camera counterparts. Nowadays, this is no longer true since our exclusive Color Cameras have a resolution of 520 TVL (TV Lines) versus 420 TVL for the B&W. Both can "see" infra-red light (assuming an infra-red light source is shining on the underwater subject), although the B&W camera is admittedly more sensitive to it. In addition B&W cameras, in times past, typically offered better light-sensitivity, so they could see better in very low-light conditions. But SeaViewer has also recently negated this difference with the development of our Day/Night Color Camera - which switches from Color to B&W automatically when ambient light levels become too low to detect good color. This is now a standard feature of our Color Cameras.

Further, both our B&W and Color Cameras can be enhanced by the addition of the Underwater light options, which are available in either infra-red (Special Order) or Super-Bright visible white light varieties. Because of all of our technical advances above, we now recommend our Color Camera for all applications except a few specialized instances discussed below. When you consider that we've managed to keep the pricing of our Color Cameras equivalent to the B&W, it becomes a no-brainer for most customers to decide between the two.

There may be technical uses (industrial, government, construction) where a B&W grey-scale image is preferred to a color image. It is only in these special applications where B&W may be preferred. Also, in certain marine biology applications, the optional Underwater lights may be preferred using infra-red instead of visible white light - to minimize the disturbance of marine life. With its slightly better infra-red detection capability, the B&W camera may be preferred in this instance. But it is only in the foregoing cases where we would advise anything other than a Color Camera and the Super-Bright white visible Underwater lights option, if auxiliary lighting is desired.

Remember that even in perfectly clear water, below depths of about 60 feet, much of the color spectrum will be absorbed by the water itself, even on sunny days. The reds and yellows will be lost first, leaving you with a blue/green-tinted image. This is true even for a scuba diver at these depths. You will still get a picture, but the colors may be washed out. A similar effect can be found even at shallower depths in murky water or on overcast days. If most of your applications will be under these conditions, the Black & White unit may fill your needs just as well as a color unit. To help mitigate this effect of Mother Nature, we would advise a Color Camera along with the Internal version of our Super-Bright white LED Underwater lights, if auxiliary lighting is desired.


How can a diver use the SeaViewer ?
Until now, most underwater video recording systems involved bulky, delicately-sealed housings with off-the-shelf camcorders inside. Some of these housings alone cost as much as the entire SeaViewer system. And, these setups can be time-consuming to rig, and quite often are ruined by flooding of the housing and normal condensation. The SeaViewer eliminates these problems, and you have the added advantage of having the dive monitored LIVE topside !
Plus, if you're looking for that PRIMO divesite and know you're close, but not quite sure - just drop the SeaViewer down to find the spot you want. No more wasted dives or mate overboard delays.

I run a charter service, how can the SeaViewer help me ?
To begin with the SeaViewer will give you a sales tool that your competitors may not offer. Could you imagine running a charter without a depth finder? I think not! It was not that many years ago that depth finders were a new gizmo, look at how you rely on them today. With the SeaViewer you can view the activity on a reef, the visibility at depth, or the status of your bait. Imagine the thrill you could give a client to actually see that fish take their bait.
The SeaViewer can also be a substantial revenue maker. A video tape is a precious memory of your clients' trip with you. Guess who they'll charter with next time? Make sure of it by offering the benefits of the SeaViewer system to your clients.

How do I troll with the SeaViewer camera ?
The Sea-Drop Cameras can troll stably looking forwards or backwards up to about 3 knots. These units are the best choice if you must have the Camera probe looking into the direction of travel (or upstream). Without the SeaTail (included), the Sea-Drop will face downstream (backwards). By bolting on the SeaTail, the Sea-Drop will face upstream (forwards). Additional weight (up to 5 lbs.) may be added to reach desired depth or increased speed. Weight may be attached to the grommet of the SeaTail, or to a special stainless steel body-clamp which we can provide free of charge upon request. Such requests should be made at the time of order.

The SeaViewer Offshore Cameras (1550 & 2550 Series) are designed especially to optimize stability while trolling at higher speeds, such as those required for Billfishing. If you check out our specs, you'll see all the unique features that have been engineered into these systems to optimize their trolling capabilities, and make them the best choice for this application. Naturally, these cameras have been designed to look backwards (downstream) at the bait while trolling.

The Offshore Cameras may be deployed at slower speeds out of the box. The camera units of the 1550 and 2550 Series are a heavy six+ pounds to stay in the water better than other models. Additional weight can be added to the bottom fin to attain more speed or depth.

High-speed deployment requires additional weight and/or a tow-cable to keep the camera at depth. The power/video cable is reinforced with Kevlar, but is not designed for repetitive high tensile loads. Just loosely tie-wrap the camera's rear eyebolt to the top of your downrigger's weight (ball) at the end of your downrigger cable or heavy mono-line. This allows the downrigger ball to pull the camera behind it freely. As you pay these 2 lines (downrigger and video) out into the water, use the included plastic clips to attach the 2 cables together. This reduces the bow in the video cable caused by water drag. Attach the monofilament with your lure/bait to the camera with a release clip and you are ready to watch the strike. With the large chrome labels the unit makes a great teaser.

How does the unit track under water ?
The camera probe of the 1550 and 2550 Offshore Series are specifically designed to track smoothly in the water with the Camera probe facing backwards (or downstream). These systems have our exclusive Quad-Wing Roll Control, Venturi Jet Yaw Stabilizers, Pitch Selective Grommets, and Optimized Rotational Equilibrium. All these features contribute to their superior stability. When trolled in front of your bait they will not interfere with your baits action at all. In fact the camera often attracts the attention of fish. With a wide field of vision, you can see a view of all the action.

How portable is the unit, can I move it from boat to boat ?
All SeaViewer cameras and accessories are powered by 12-volt DC current, standard in virtually all boats. These systems come with a durable hard case so storage and transportation is a snap. Cameras are normally powered by plugging the adapter into your 12-Volt DC cigarette lighter.

What else can I use my SeaViewer for ?
You can check crab or lobster traps - don't heave an empty one topside again. Check the bottom for lost fishing tackle or rods. Check your anchor for proper hook-up. Inspect your hull without hiring a diver or dry-docking. If you want to see just about anything underwater, you can view it with a SeaViewer!

Search and Recovery Teams, Wildlife Management Departments, Swimming Instructors, Scuba Instructors, Marine "Sea Cucumber" Harvesters, Salvage Operators and Contractors are some of the many using our cameras.


Why buy a SeaViewer instead of others on the market ?
Simply compare feature-for-feature: included accessories, stability, versatility, optical specs, and quality and durability of construction. One of our customers accidentally backed over his Sea-Drop camera with his pickup truck, with no loss in functionality. And, image quality at the surface just simply cannot be compromised. SeaViewer is one of the few in its class that uses an actual COAX cable conductor to transmit the video to the surface. Why is it the top Pro Videographers use SeaViewer? Because of the quality picture. That's why we were the first to show video from our cameras right here on our website!


Is there a Warranty on SeaViewer equipment ?
Absolutely !  In fact, SeaViewer has one of the most comprehensive Quality Assurance policies in the industry.  Basically, equipment manufactured by SeaViewer is fully warranted by the Factory against Factory defects for one year under normal use.   For details of the Warranty Terms and Conditions, click here.

Can I UPGRADE my Camera/System ?
Sure !  SeaViewer is 100% committed to customer satisfaction.   We want you to have the System that works best for YOU !   As proof of this commitment, we set the Standard in Customer Friendly upgrade policies.  Within 30 Days of purchase, if your equipment is in saleable condition, with no functional or cosmetic damage, we will allow you to upgrade for the difference in price, plus shipping. For details on this extraordinary offer click here.

What if I'm just not happy with my Camera/System ?
Then we're not happy either !  Remember, SeaViewer is 100% committed to Customer Satisfaction.  As indisputable proof of this commitment, we set yet another Standard in Customer Satisfaction.  Within 30 Days of purchase, if your equipment is in saleable condition, with no functional or cosmetic damage, we will allow you to return it for a refund. To see Terms and Conditions, Click here

We challenge you to find another manufacturer of underwater cameras in this class which can come close to putting this level of Customer Satisfaction in writing - you won't.   That's why SeaViewer continues to raise the bar, and provides the Standard by which others are judged.

What about Technical Support for my Camera/System ?
Of the other brands of Cameras you may have considered, which ones have a Phone Number to call for personal assistance in buying decisions?  Even further, which ones have an actual human to talk to, who is not only knowledgeable, but has first-hand experience deploying underwater camera systems in many applications under many different conditions ?  Is the field getting narrowed down yet ?  Well, let us narrow it down even further - to 1 choice :
  • SeaViewer maintains a special care and time for pre-sale questions and recommendations.  Call us at 813-242-6160 for help
  • You will talk to someone who has deployed our Systems many times under many conditions.
  • After your purchase, we welcome you to call the same number for support.
  • And remember, the only dumb questions are the ones that are not asked !

You just won't find this level of Support and Customer Commitment to Satisfaction anywhere else.  Why FRET, when you can have the BEST ? - GUARANTEED !


Can I use the SeaViewer outside North America, or with non-North American equipment ?
Yes, if you purchase a Standard Camera Kit and our separate 7" Monitor or a Surface Console with Monitor and Battery, you will have a COMPLETE SYSTEM. If not, or if you wish to attach SeaViewer equipment to devices made for use outside North America (such as Europe), please see this important link concerning ordering your SeaViewer in PAL - Click Here.


Custom HD

Underwater Lights: (Super bright-white or infra red)

Cable up to 300 feet (in 50' increments)

Small Diameter Option (cable out rear)

Neutral Buoyancy

Optional Lenses (affects field of view)

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